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Depression is a silent killer, and Radiation triggers it!

Using mobile phones can lead to depression, mood swings, sleeplessness and even biological disorders. Know how?

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If you are living within 500 meters of a mobile tower, you need to be cautions, you need to take precautions, you need to analyze your environment.

24x7 exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) can lead to severe biological disorders - insomnia, depression, headache, amnesia, fatigual, infertility, DNA damage, neurodegenerative disorders, glioma and acoustic neuroma.

Biological Disorders

Mobile towers, Mobile phones, Microwaves and similar devices emit Electromagnetic Radiations (EMR) that disturb the natural life balance and cause severe biological disorders.

About Tower500

Tower500 is a joint initiative of Raj Solutions India Pvt Ltd with expertise in telecom domain and ITXITPro in enterprise solutions. With more that 100 crore mobile phones in India, mobile towers proliferated like anything and so are claims and counter-claims about the threats being posed by Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from the mobile towers and mobile phones.

We at Tower500 can help you measure, analyze and what can be done to protect you.

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